Brunch in Dubai – Feasts of Flavour

Brunch in Dubai has become something of an institution for residents and an essential bucket list wish for most tourists. What began several years ago as an unlimited buffet style lunch, generally served on Fridays from noon to four, has evolved into a decadent indulgence of gourmet cuisine generously washed...

North Deck: A Landmark for Luxury

An institution in Dubai, Burj Al Arab has been generating headlines the world over since its very inception. Fifteen years on from its opening, and its reputation as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world is firmly assured. Looking ahead, ambitious plans for the hotel include the addition...

UAE’s Pearl Culture – National treasure

Long before the discovery of oil, pearls were an important source of wealth for the people of the United Arab Emirates. During the 18th and early 19th centuries, pearl divers would sail for four months at a time, working from sunrise to sunset, scouring the depths of the Gulf waters...

Dubai’s Best Spas This Time of Year

While it’s always comforting to fall back on the beauty habits we’ve come to know and trust, a fresh approach to your routine can make all the difference. Fortunately in a city as fast paced as Dubai the landscape is known to change on a regular basis with new resorts...

Shopping Destionation: BurJuman Mall

While Dubai is certainly home to its fair share of glitzy new malls, for many residents, BurJuman is still among of the city’s most treasured shopping destinations. One of the emirate’s first retail complexes, having opened in 1992, the property has remained a vibrant part of the city’s historic Bur...
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